Unveiling the potential: How Buy-Back Centres Can Support Glass Recycling Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship has been recognised as one of the most important pillars of the South African economy. However, many budding entrepreneurs grapple with the challenge of identifying promising opportunities. A course of action toward this sort of challenge lies with Buy-Back Centres that serve the glass recycling industry, according to Shabeer Jhetam, CEO of The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC).

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is not only championing the cause of glass recycling but is also calling on entrepreneurs to explore the possibilities of establishing their very own Buy-Back Centres and reap the rewards of glass recycling on a larger scale. 

Buy-Back Centres serve as vital intermediaries, connecting glass collectors with the industries responsible for transforming waste glass into new glass bottles. They also give a voice to the informal sector, which is made up of waste pickers and collectors earning a source of income, while bridging the formal sector, which is represented by the glass industry.

According to TGRC, more glass Buy-Back Centres are required to support the growing glass collection sector. As a result, now is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the market by establishing their own Buy-Back Centres.

However, what would be the best way for one to launch their own Buy-Back Centre? As a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) for glass recycling in South Africa, The Glass Recycling Company offers advice on how to start and manage your own Buy-Back Centre and also offers recommendations on how to do so effectively.. The only thing entrepreneurs need to do in the glass recycling sector is state how much glass they can collect, indicate their glass sources, and comply with municipal regulations.

Additionally, TGRC offers support such as glass collection bags, equipment, safety gear, scales and skip bins to help entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses and grow.

Jhetam concedes that centralising recycling efforts by offering glass recycling as a service at current Buy-Back Centres that do not handle glass would be another option to get involved.

“We also encourage existing Buy-Back Centres to consider expanding their offerings to include glass recycling services. By doing so, you can provide a one-stop shop for glass collectors, streamlining the recycling process and increasing your profitability,” explains Jhetam. This expansion will not only benefit your business but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable South Africa.

TGRC is also working to expand the network of Buy-Back Centres, creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs. Many centres now offer glass collection services at central locations, sparing collectors the need for arduous trips to the centres themselves.

Buy-Back Centres represent an indispensable component of a thriving recycling system, serving as a crucial link between the formal and informal sectors. In doing so, they contribute to a healthier economy and enhance the overall well-being of South Africa’s communities. As Jhetam aptly noted, “Buy-Back Centres are a vital force for good in our recycling ecosystem.”Top of Form

About TGRC:
The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) consists of a team dedicated to increasing glass recycling in South Africa. We are passionate about ensuring every South African realises the value of recycling glass and actively embraces this practice.

We strive to educate, enable, encourage and inspire individuals to separate their glass for recycling, but do not physically collect or recycle the glass. Our focus extends beyond consumers and communities, but also on trade, industry and corporate South Africa. We also aim to uplift impoverished communities by creating income generating opportunities and skills development in the recycling sector. TGRC is funded by our committed members who manufacture glass or package their products in glass. We believe in the infinite potential of glass to make a real and positive contribution to society. At TGRC we are committed to show that glass recycling is worth the effort!

TGRC’s mandate is to increase awareness of glass recycling in South Africa. The team are passionate about ensuring every South African realises the value of recycling glass and actively embraces this practice. TGRC believes in the infinite potential of glass to make a real and positive contribution to society. TGRC is committed to prove that glass recycling is worth the effort! For info visit  like the Facebook page: www.tgrc.co.za  or www.facebook.com/TheGlassRecyclingCo/