We believe in the ability of glass to make a real and positive contribution to society!

Be sure to get your friends, family, colleagues and community involved in recycling, the more individuals who make the effort to recycle the greater the benefits for all.

Start a recycling campaign at your company, local community centre or Place of Worship

Encourage your community to separate their glass bottles and jars and take them to a glass bank or recycling point

You can also request a glass bank here where your community can drop off all their recyclable glass

You can encourage your co-workers at your office to participate by placing recycling bins in areas where most of the rubbish and waste glass is generated such as canteens, bars or pause areas.

To increase participation levels, be sure to send frequent reminders about recycling.

Ensure all of your office waste glass is taken to a glass bank or collected by a waste removal service from your office.

Click here for a list of the glass you can and can’t recycle

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Glass recycling really is worth the effort!