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Our Member Commitment

The Glass Recycling Company is a voluntary industry initiative supported by our 18 members, including the two glass packaging manufacturers and the majority of food and beverage brand owners manufacturers who package their products in glass. TGRC is funded exclusively by the levies paid by these brand owners for every ton of glass purchased from the glass manufacturers.

The South African glass manufacturers, in turn, purchase all of the glass recovered for recycling in South Africa, and thereafter it is recycled into brand new glass packaging. We thank our members for their commitment to ensuring glass packaging is reused and recycled.

Our members are dedicated to environmental protection through recycling of and use of returnable glass bottles.




TGRC works proactively with all tiers of Government at National, Provincial and Municipal levels. On a national level we have presented our key opinions regarding The Industry Waste Management Plan. We consistently keep the South African Government updated on the positive strides which have been made by the glass industry with regards to recycling and reuse of glass and income generating opportunities which assist in poverty alleviation.

Read more about the Department of Environmental Affairs here: www.environment.gov.za. We also engage with Provincial Government and discuss glass recycling best practice and guide them regarding ‘separation at source’. TGRC also works with most municipalities to support the implementation of various ‘separation at source’ projects and initiatives in order to truly make recycling sustainable for all. In addition, workshops are held with municipalities to provide guidance on implementing successful recycling programs. We also partner with municipalities to provide training regarding glass recycling for entrepreneurs and collectors.




National Recycling Forum. We are a member of The National Recycling Forum (NRF) a non-profit organisation created to promote the recovery and recycling of recyclable materials in South Africa. Our CEO, Shabeer Jhetam is a member of the NRF and the Executive Director for Packaging SA .