During February, the month of love, a great way to share and show your love for the environment, by getting involved in glass recycling! You can have a heart for glass by reusing your glass jars or recycling your glass bottles and jars.


Super stylish and cost effective, reuse glass and put your flowers from your partner in a beautiful glass jar instead of a vase. Use glass for the elegant and classy touch, or alternatively, offer a bohemian strawberry cocktail served in a trendy jar. Use glass jars or empty wine bottles as candle holders to decorate your Valentine’s dinner table and set the ambience for the evening. It won’t only look beautiful, but you will feel good about reusing glass and making that little bit of a difference to the environment.


The benefits of using glass packaging are endless. TGRC showcases some benefits to better convince South Africans of that they should love glass this February –


Five reasons to have a heart for glass this month:


  1. Glass is made of natural substances


  1. Glass bottles can be recycled endlessly


  1. Glass is easily reused


  1. Glass is 100% recyclable


  1. Glass is timeless and elegant



Express your love for glass and your love for the environment by recycling every glass jar or bottle you would usually just throw away with the rest of your garbage. It doesn’t cost you any money and is very easy to do. Make sure you show your love for beautiful glass and not just your partner this Valentine’s Day!