DIY Media Event

With the recent popularity of virtual scrapbooking site Pinterest, DIY, upcycling or reusing materials in a fun way has taken centre stage. In fact, Pinterest as a social media platform is often used as a DIY project planning toolthat you can use to find ideas and steps for all your projects. Do It Yourself is a term used regularly when it comes to fun projects with consumers looking at unique home projects to build rather than to buy.

With this in mind, TGRC kicked off the year by hosting a media DIY Recycling Event illustrating to the media how trendy and chic recycling is, with the aim to inspire media to bring out their inner DIY gurus by building a trendy glass recycling bin! This in turn encouraged the media to start recycling their glass by creating awareness around recycling and just how easy it is to separate glass for recycling.

Our CEO, Shabeer Jhetam, led the proceedings, explaining that the media have a key role to play in building recycling awareness and making this topic trendy.

The team had great fun getting our hands dirty helping the journalists assemble their glass recycling stations. The interactive nature of this event resulted in print and social media coverage during and post the event.

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