Malls, Restaurants & Bars Go Green

Throughout the past few months our Business Development team has worked tirelessly with the hospitality industry including an array of restaurants, sports clubs and bars who have embraced glass recycling. Countrywide, more and more businesses are realising the expectation by their customers of environmentally sound behaviour. In addition, if businesses in the public eye, such as eateries, do not adopt environmentally sound business practice, how can they expect their customers to do so?

A large number of sports clubs and sports bars have been made aware of the importance of giving glass new life by recycling, rather than sending the resource to landfill.

An interesting story is that of a British restaurateur, Mike Forbes, who upon opening his popular Cape Town eatery, The Brasserie, was shocked to notice the poor volume of recycling being done in SA hospitality arena, when compared to chains in the UK. He promptly opened his own recycling company to service not only his restaurants but several others in the area. TGRC met with Mike and has assisted him with wheelie bins, bulk bags and protective equipment and he has subsequently broadened his restaurant customer base.

Another example of a restaurant who have adopted this behaviour wholeheartedly include the Crawdaddys Pretoria restaurant chain, which not only lobbied for glass recycling facilities at their shopping centre locations, but also actively encourage fellow establishments in the centre to adopt recycling as policy.

The team at TGRC continue to call on property companies and malls to consider the importance of providing accessible recycling facilities, as a matter of urgency. Bryanston Shopping Centre, Cresta and Brightwater Commons are a few Johannesburg examples of malls that have listened to tenants and shoppers and have made determined efforts to ensure recycling facilities are easily accessible to shoppers and tenants alike. This will achieve two key objectives; recyclable glass is easily collected at source and more drop off points for the public are established.