Recycling in South Africa – Closed Loop Recycling

The infinite nature of glass means that it can be recycled endlessly without ever losing its clarity or purity. Bottles and jars manufactured in South Africa contain at least 40% recycled content. Furthermore, we can be very proud that in our country glass fully meets the formal definition of a Closed Loop System whereby material is recycled into the same product.

This means that all packaging glass recovered in South Africa goes back into making new glass bottles and jars. As a result, the maximum environmental benefits are achieved in South Africa, unlike in other countries where the full impact of bottle-to-bottle recycling is not realised as glass that is collected is not used for the same purpose. It’s important to note that diversion from landfill is not the only benefit of closed-loop-recycling; it results in less energy and water usage thereby minimising pollution and creating no additional waste or by-products.

Recycling glass in this way also helps to minimise additional negative environmental effects, saving landfill space, protecting raw materials, lessening demand for energy and reducing CO2 emissions.