Ready, Set, Recycle!

 We have kicked off 2017 the green way by launching this year’s Annual Glass Recycling Schools Competition.

We invite you and your school to get involved and make a difference to the environment! Learners, teachers and parents are encouraged to participate and do their part in reducing their carbon footprint while standing a chance of winning great cash prizes. Challenge the schools in your area and see who can collect the most glass during this year!

The goal of this competition is for schools across various regions to collect the most glass bottles and jars for recycling:

  • Gauteng
  • Western Cape
  • Durban and Pietermaritzburg
  • East London and Port Elizabeth

This is the first year schools in East London and Port Elizabeth have been added as regions that can take part in the competition. Eastern Cape schools in these cities can also join in to recycle as much glass as possible. The schools that collect the highest amount of glass in each of the specified regions will win monthly prizes of up to R1 500 and annual cash prizes of up to R30 000 for their schools.

The competition will close at the end of October 2017, so don’t waste time in getting your school participating! Schools can still enter throughout the year, as they will be in line to win monthly cash prizes as well.

Last year the contributing schools collected a total of approximately 1.7 million bottles and jars!

By recycling this quantity of bottles enough energy is saved to operate a computer constantly for over 12 years, and operate a TV for 8 years! This is a phenomenal effort made by the participating schools.

Click here to enter