Glass Recycling Advert Highlights Impact of Recycling on South African Environment

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is proud to be associated with a packaging as environmentally friendly and infinitely recyclable as glass, and strives to show glass in a new light. As such, TGRC’s remarkable new television advert aims to ensure South Africans view waste glass as a precious product, even more valuable when recycled.

Beauty of natural glass

Through an unusual and visually stunning showcase, the importance of recycling glass in order to preserve South Africa is clear for all to see. The inspiration behind this commercial was to create an African experience, from bottles and jars, emphasising the interplay between waste and our world.

In this unique world, the animals and landscape are made of glass bottles. Essentially, the glass bottle becomes the hero, a valued packaging, vital to be recycled to protect the environment.

Banking on a future

A key concept in the advert is the use of a banking analogy which demonstrates the outcomes of recycling, including water and energy savings amongst other benefits. According to TGRC CEO Shabeer Jhetam, “This concept allowed us to show a world in which those who recycle get a return on their investment by having an impact on our environment. This banking association with glass recycling helps people to understand that everyone can contribute, and gain, as a result of the benefits derived from recycling.”


Bringing glass to life

According to executive creative director and CEO, Ant Hanly of Tribe Sauce, “TGRC and our agency were faced with the challenge of creating a commercial that would break away from the mundane format of standard environmental communication and truly reveal the power of packaging in a noteworthy manner.”

The end result is a commercial that gets noticed, an emotional platform that seizes the attention of a jaded and indifferent consumer. The visualisation of glass recycling and its positive link to creating a sustainable world was done with great attention to detail, vital for a campaign to address consumer apathy.

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