Entrepreneurs Supporting Recycling

TGRC consistently engages with eager entrepreneurs assisting many to start their own businesses and helping organisations to grow by providing valuable advice and assistance. Advice to potential customer bases and glass sources is always appreciated by start-up recycling entrepreneurs. TGRC also provides suggestions regarding best collection routes to reduce carbon footprint and maximise fuel efficiency when collecting glass from drop off locations.

TGRC works with youth driven start-ups such as Songimvelo Youth. The TGRC team on the ground mentors the entrepreneurs helping to ensure they are sustainable in their glass recycling businesses. Using hands on methodology to guarantee strong systems and business methods are in place; the Songimvelo team collected 3 tons of glass in the first 2 weeks of operating and within their first month collected a hugely impressive 12 tons of glass. In Pretoria our team also presented during a youth-focussed panel discussion at the Green Youth Indaba at CSIR – Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

TGRC also supports the Oasis Association which provides employment opportunities, skills development training and homes for over 450 people with intellectual disabilities in the greater Cape Town area. The organisation creates jobs by providing waste and recycling services for offices, backpackers, restaurants. TGRC provided Oasis with 40 new wheelie bins so they have been able to increase their customer base to 700 customers. The wheelie bins are able to move around 75kg of glass with ease. The income Oasis generates from recycling feeds 150 beneficiaries.