Remember Gorgeous Glass in the Month of September

September 13, 2016 News

September is Glass Recycling Month, so why don’t you get off your ‘glass’ and recycle! September 2016 is an especially noteworthy month for The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) as not only is it Glass Recycling Month; an important month for awareness of glass recycling in South Africa, but also TGRC’s […]

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Banking for a better environment 

“If you change one thing about yourself, you have the potential to change everything!”  This was a closing thought from Brent Lindeque, Good Things Guy and guest speaker at The Glass Recycling Company’s (TGRC) Annual Green Dialogues held last week. The success of TGRC’s dedication to change is highlighted by […]

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As 2015 draws to a close we thank YOU!

December 6, 2015 News

Over one billion glass bottles and jars were recycled in the past year alone; as a result during this period in excess of 225 000 tons of carbon emissions were saved simply by recycling glass. We thank all of our partners, entrepreneurs and shareholders for supporting us and turning the […]

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Malls, Restaurants & Bars Go Green

November 20, 2015 News

Throughout the past few months our Business Development team has worked tirelessly with the hospitality industry including an array of restaurants, sports clubs and bars who have embraced glass recycling. Countrywide, more and more businesses are realising the expectation by their customers of environmentally sound behaviour. In addition, if businesses […]

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Entrepreneurs Supporting Recycling

October 30, 2015 News

TGRC consistently engages with eager entrepreneurs assisting many to start their own businesses and helping organisations to grow by providing valuable advice and assistance. Advice to potential customer bases and glass sources is always appreciated by start-up recycling entrepreneurs. TGRC also provides suggestions regarding best collection routes to reduce carbon […]

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Spring Cleaning

September 30, 2015 News

During September, in celebration of National Clean-Up and Recycle Week, a number of clean up and recycling awareness activities took place. TGRC got involved through pitching in as well as through sponsorship on some of the key tools required for the clean ups. This included refuse bags, T-shirts and heavy […]

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Events, Partners & Projects

August 15, 2015 News

The Durban Green Corridor is a cultural and environmental conservation project, an initiative of the eThekwini Municipality and the Duzi uMngeni Conservation Trust and primarily focuses on local job creation and social empowerment of community members and conservation of the uMngeni River. In the past there had been a lot […]

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Cleaning Up On Mandela Day

The Glass Recycling Company is committed to keeping SA clean and green During Mandela Month 2015, The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) decided to attract the attention of pedestrians and motorists entering the busy hub of Sandton, and in doing so, draw their attention to the litter and excess waste that […]

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Spruit Day

August 7, 2014 News

In June residents of many Johannesburg suburbs had a fantastic opportunity to get involved in National Environment Month and make a difference to their environment. Community members pitched in by participating in a massive clean-up of the Braamfontein Spruit, which took place on Saturday the 7th of June two days […]

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