Application For Placement Of Glass Banks

A glass bank is placed in areas where members of the community are able to easily access the bank and bring their glass for recycling.

Please remember:
• Glass banks are placed in locations around South Africa for public convenience.
• Glass Banks are emptied by an authorised service provider who removes the glass to be recycled
• Each glass bank holds approximately 1 800 bottles or 600kg when full
• Glass banks are available free of charge (subject to terms and conditions)
• Glass banks are made from recyclable material

Ideal locations for placement of glass banks
• Schools and universities
• Large residential complexes and estates
• Service stations, malls, large retailers, restaurants
• Large office parks
• Community centres or places of worship

There are several criteria for the placement of a glass bank, these include
· A suitable site and a willing site owner
· A local entrepreneur who is able to service and collect the glass
· Sufficient need to warrant a glass bank
· Visibility and accessibility to the general public

Please note: The placement of a glass bank is subject to these criteria being met.

If you are interested in placing a glass bank on your premises, please fill in an application form below or download a form and fax it to us: 011 803 0421


Application for Glass Bank




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